business center vereyskaya


Project name:
Business center

#11 Vereyskaya st., city of Moscow, Russia

ООО «Lenhart Development»

Years of design:

Mavi’s scope of design work:
Sketch, Working documentation.

Construction in progress

General information

Reconstruction of former customs warehouse, 1971.  New concept of an A class business center smooths strict shapes of the old building and changes its appearance, thus making a  contemporary interesting unit shown up on the background of a mass of the existing structures.

The building in plan consists of two  blocks, two and five floors, divided by a core. The design secures conservation of lineament and elevation marks, in the same time  facades of the building are completely changed, in line with the cutting-edge highly artistic architectural trends. Ceramic granite tiles  of the ventilated façade is combined with panoramic glazing.

The first floor of the complex is occupied by a retro car museum with its reception hall, waiting room, shopping area for visitors.

The second floor of the two-level block is for a shooting gallery with fire lines and bullet traps. Rest of the building is a rented area  for open-space offices.

The building total area is 15,500 sq.m

Mavi’s Team has accomplished concept design and construction documentation for the project.

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