The Kapitoliy, shopping centre, is located on a busy highway Novouglichskoe in the city of Sergiev Posad.

The three-storey building placed on a hill stands out of the surrounding structures by its outward appearance.

The entire volume looks like an assembly of elements varying from each other by their height and configuration.
Usage of masses of glazed surfaces on facade adds lightness to the building. Two round-shape atriums make interior more impressive. The interior shows us the designer’s inspiration: artificial and natural lights cooperate in such a way as to pull  out the best from the interior colours. The shopping centre changes its mood by shifting pallets of electric illumination.

Moreover, public area of the mall is broad enough to let people walk freely and enjoy shopping. The shopping centre combines multiple functions. Not only non-food stores, but also entertainment and  leisure can be found there, such as public catering enterprises (food courts), skating rink, billiards and bowling zones,  cinema, bars, administrative and service offices.

The land shape helped the designer to place car parks on several  terrace-like elevations with 7 metre gross vertical drop. Special attention is paid on providing easy access to buildings  for everyone including physically challenged people.

Gross floor area is 36,000 sq.m
Footprint area is 1212 sq.m


Project name:  Multifunctional shopping centre «Kapitoliy»

Location:  #85 Novouglichskoe highway, city of Sergiev Posad

Project owner:  «ENKA-TC» LLC

Contractor:  «ENKA-TC» LLC (sketch, approval design), ENKA INSAAT VE SANAYI A.S. (working design)

Design period:  years 2012 – 2014

Mavi’s scope of design work:  Sketch, Approval design, Working design.

Status:  Commissioned


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