Zagorodny Kvartal is a housing complex composed of variety of building types, i.e. apartment housing  (sectional and tower), townhouses, self-sufficient social infrastructure (school, kindergartens, clinics, business  centers, garages and filling stations).

Recreation area occupies more than a third part of the territory. Parks amidst natural forest, quiet courtyards,  playgrounds etc.

Mavi was fully engaged in development of design documentation for construction of the 1st phase  (subphase 1A), i.e.:

  • three-sectional 5-storey housing with an underground parking, 8500 square meters, year 2011 (pos. No. 19 in Masterplan);.
  • single-apartment block houses / townhouses, year 2011 (pos. 1 to 6);
  • townhouses of pos. 7 to 16, year 2012; .
  • one-sectional 7-storey apartment housing No. 3 and 4, 7 and 8, united by common underground parking to groups of houses. Two residential blocks are joint with a covered courtyard at a level of the first floor.Total area of a group of houses is 11,000 square meters, year 2012;
  • houses No. 1 and 2, 5 and 6, year 2013. .


Location:  Moscow , Russia

Year of design: 2012

Mavi’s scope of design work: Working documentation

Stage of completion: Commissioned


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