The residential complex is settled on Stepan Povh street, which is one of the most intensively growing parts of the city of Kogalym.

Therefore it is  the right time for birth of a brand  new contemporary  esidential complex,  expected to become an eye-catching  place in the city. The complex is made  up by three 16-floor residential towers  joint by an underground parking area.

First storeys are designed as  commercial premises occupied  by convenience store, gym, cafe,  creative arts workshop, social service  facilities and etc., which are going  to render services for the complex  residents.

Spatial solutions of buildings  maintain continuity of style, at the  same time each of the  buildings has its own specific floor plan. Moreover,  the buildings are divided into blocks  with different floor plans, thus  allowing to offer diversity of planning solutions yet complying  with room breakdown.

A focal point of landscaping isarrangement of a developed car-free  recreational zone, the purpose  of which is to give comfortable  dwelling for the complex habitants.
Parking area for guest cars is located  on a perimeter of the territory.


Project name: Residential complex in Kogalym city
Location: Stepan Povh st., Kogalym,
Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Okrug
Year of design: 2015
Mavi’s scope of design work: Sketch
Aggregate area of apartments: 20000 sq.m.
Number of apartments: 268.
Aggregate area of commercial premises: 2000 sq.m.
Gross area of the complex: 35000 sq.m.

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