Project name:
Mosque “Karadeniz”

Tsentralnaya 1A,  Kalinino village in Vysokogorsky district  of the Republic of Tatarstan

Years of design:

Mavi’s scope of design work:
Sketch, Working design.

Stage of completion:
Under construction

General information

The area of design is in the countryside, on the  undeveloped territory alongside the Р242 road.

Context area consists of the private housing.  The land plot has no cultural heritage items on it. The building of mosque is a 2-floor building with  a semi-basement floor. The semi-basement floor  is supposed to enclose a shopping space, and the  first floor to contain a library room.

Construction is executed based on the reinforced  concrete frame. Outer walls are non-bearing,  two-layered. The exterior finish of bricks is applied  to the building. Façade colour solution is of neutral  beige and grey colour hues.

Land area …. 1900 sq.m
Footprint area …. 331,78 sq.m
Gross floor area ….552,52 sq.m

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